Woman could lose her eye after botched eyeball tattoo

A woman is seeking to warn others about the dangers of getting an eye tattoo after she discovered she may lose her eye as a result of a botched tattoo.

Scleral tattooing involves injecting the sclera, the white of the eye, with ink and is a relatively new and rare procedure.

Glantz said he knows of very few that offer scleral tattoos despite the growing fascination with the procedure.

The woman chose to get purple ink injected into her right eye, but it didn't turn out the way it should have. There is ink streaming from her eye, which might be completely removed if the situation worsens.

Asked why she wanted a sclera tattoo to begin with, Gallinger said the modification would help "make me feel more at home in my body".

The American Optometric Association, meanwhile, advises against such procedures, warning of great risks for infection and blindness.

According to Newsweek, model Catt Gallinger found this out the hard way when she went in for a sclera tattoo and left with something she didn't want.

Gallinger has written several Facebook posts about her experience and while some have thanked her for raising awareness about the risks, plenty of others have lashed out at her.

For the first week and a half, Gallinger used prescribed antibiotic drops and then started applying steroid drops.

Her sclera was torn by the size of the needle.

She also uploaded her pictures of three weeks after she got tattooed when her eye was swollen to an extent that it was completely shut. You really think that after something like this, I'm not the first person thinking that?

"As it stands, it has been agreed by both doctors and the surgeon that my eyesight will NOT get better". But getting a tattoo on your eyeball?

Eye tattoos aren't great for a variety of reasons, says Christopher Rapuano, M.D., chief of cornea service at Wills Eye Hospital. Gallinger warns others to do their research on artists, body modification procedures, and to reach out to others to get feedback. "But I'm not going to give in".

Gallinger takes responsibility for making the wrong choice, but the tattoo artist needs to share the blame too, she says. She told The Sun newspaper that people should look beyond the artist's portfolio and talk to some of their clients in order to make sure that person is highly recommended. "I'm 90lbs and my weight keeps dropping, even though I eat", she says in the teary-eyed clip in which she is visibly traumatised.

  • Rogelio Lindsey