Where to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims

Anyone interested in supporting the American Red Cross' Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts should visit the Red Cross website to make a donation or to volunteer.

"We will deploying folks to Texas and Louisiana for the next few months", Bruno added.

The Red Cross says access into many areas is still quite hard, and they are partnering with the U. S. Coast Guard and the Texas National Guard to move supplies and volunteers to where they are needed most. It's only been two days since the Red Cross announced its boot camp and since then, there's been an overwhelming amount of support from volunteers. "You guys are part of a really very big team that spreads across the country that helps people be prepared", Malloy said as he greeted volunteers at their Farmington facility.

Shelters are open all across Texas.

Phil Hansen, CEO of the American Red Cross Minnesota Region, expressed gratitude for Mayo's generosity.

Jaggers said there is a high need for volunteers. "We have several other volunteers that do office work, but we have some others that are in training now".

Rosell said they are trying to get the word out as much as possible so people know where and how to donate, including making announcements on Facebook.

For the first time as a chapter executive, Conklin says she's being deployed to help on site. "We ask for continued patience as we reach out to all those who have signed up to volunteer".

"Donating the money allows us to get the necessities to those who are affected immediately", she said. We also recommend completing and mailing the donation form on redcross.org with your check. Though Mayo Clinic does not operate campuses in the regions affected by the hurricane, as a member of the global community, Mayo offers its support to these victims through this donation to the American Red Cross. People can go online to volunteer and must bring their driver's license to participate.

  • Rogelio Lindsey