Man missing for weeks died in elevator after emergency calls went unanswered

That's what authorities report may have happened to 82-year-old Issak Komisarchik.

Isaak Komisarchik was reported missing on July fifth.

Police checked the elevator emergency calls and found the button was pressed twice the morning after Komisarchik disappeared.

"The elevator cab where he was found is located in a parking garage that is under renovation construction and not now in active use".

Family members said the last time they saw Komisarchik, he was wearing gray pajama trousers and a gray-and-white striped shirt around 2pm on July 5.

Greg Pixley, a captain on the Denver Fire Department, said police detectives are still trying to figure out why no one responded to the call for help after the senior citizen became stuck in the elevator.

Authorities told the Denver Post that despite having dementia, Komisarchik had the wherewithal to press the emergency button twice.

When Komisarchik was first reported missing, Denver firefighters (pictured) searched five ponds near Woodstream in an attempt to find him. The garage elevator at Woodstream Village was last inspected in December and found to be in good working order, Pixley said. All elevators are required to possess an emergency signaling device labeled "Alarm" next to the floor buttons and operating panel. If that's the case, it raises questions about why an elevator company wasn't called. The elevator cab where he was found is located in a parking garage that is under renovation construction and not now in active use.

Pixley said MEI Total Elevator Solutions monitors the elevator for Woodstream.

A request for comment to MEI was not immediately returned.

When police checked, two elevator calls from the same elevator vehicle where Komisarchik was found were electronically logged at 9:09 a.m. and 9:17 a.m. on July 6, the morning after he disappeared.

When a Denver firefighter responded, the elevator doors were open.

Greystar Management Services oversees operations at the Woodstream apartment complex.

An autopsy of Komisarchik has been completed, but the cause and manner of his death are still under investigation, said Steve Castro, a spokesman for the Denver medical examiner. A multitude of residents had reportedly complained about the smell coming from the elevator area but maintain nothing was done to investigate or eliminate the odor.

However, "the elevator wasn't inoperable", Denver Police Department spokesman John White said. The company said they are now investigating the incident with local authorities.

  • Sheila Mcguire