Gym beauty rejects Bieber on Instagram

The girl in the video, Jessica Gober, caught Justin Bieber's attention and he sent a direct message to the gym asking details about her.

Justin Bieber sliding into your work's DMs to ask who you are is pretty much the stuff dreams are made of - but that's exactly what happened to a gym employee from Georgia in the U.S.... and she spectacularly curved the Biebs! You're not getting your way this time, Biebs. After the post went up, the gym received a message from Bieber. Apparently not. Not even close.

Jessica Gober, 22, works at the Fitness on Broughton gym in Savannah, Georgia.

Sorry Biebs, guess she doesn't want to be your One Less Lonely Girl, you'll just have to go and Love Yourself it too late to say Sorry for these bad puns?

But 23-year-old Justin was called out on Twitter when Jessica shared his message in a post that has now gone viral - amassing over 64K likes and 13K retweets. "We only had 70 followers and had posted 5 times previous to this".

However, the fitness and nutrition coach said she wasn't interested in reaching out to Bieber.

In the end, Gober's reasoning (not that she needed one) was that she had already found her Somebody To Love.

It's apparently happening folks, the Bieber x Garrix team up that fans have been waiting for is finally upon us.

"Did this actually just happen.... lmao", she tweeted.

  • Sheila Mcguire