Conrad Roy's Family Breaks Silence After Michelle Carter's Sentencing

A teenage sister, Camden Roy, recalled her 13 years with her older brother and said she's "haunted" by the realization that she'll never see him Wednesday or be an aunt to his children.

If her appeals are successful, Carter may never serve a day behind bars.

Carter, who was 17 at the time of the incident, was found guilty by the court for having counseled Roy to overcome his fears to commit suicide through text messages, which she asked him to be deleted soon after being read.

During Conrad Roy III's suicide, Michelle Carter encouraged him to kill himself by getting into a van filled with toxic fumes.

"I was just sick to my stomach [over] the fact that she can be free, and my cousin, he's not here", Makenna O'Donnell said in an exclusive interview Friday on ABC News' Good Morning America.

"I just don't understand how somebody can be free, knowing that she deliberately told [Roy] to get back in the vehicle", Makenna said. "She gets to sleep in her own bed tonight".

Carter did not speak during the sentencing Thursday, and neither did her family, although her father wrote a letter to the court.

Conrad Roy Jr. told the court, "Although he did have some psychological troubles, we all felt he was heading in the right direction". But the judge in the case approved a stay in the execution of the sentence until MA courts rule on her appeal, meaning that for now she remains free under probation conditions. However, the judge nor the jury found that the be credible and it did nothing to stop her from being sentenced.

In the wake of Roy's death, investigators discovered a slew of text messages - more than 1,000, prosecutors said - exchanged between Carter and Roy in the week before his death.

"I thought you wanted to do this", she said in one text message leading up to Roy's suicide in a Kmart parking lot outside of Boston in July 2014. "You just have to do it", Carter wrote in one text.

The judge refers this case as the tragedy for both the families.

Juvenile Court Judge, Lawrence Moniz during the sentencing said, "this court must and has balanced between rehabilitation, the promise that rehabilitation would work and a punishment for the actions that have occurred".

During a fearless interview on live television Friday morning, Conrad Roy's cousin said that the stayed sentence for Michelle Carter is "not enough". Roy's sister Camdyn Roy said that Conrad was her "role model" and "best friend".

"[Roy] was so amusing. He was selfless and he had strength and he was just a great person ... he was just a wonderful person to be around", she told GMA. "And the world no longer has that".

"I am heartbroken", he said.

Many suicides have multiple causes and are not triggered by one event, according to experts, who underline that suicidal crises can be overcome with help.

If you or someone you know is showing warning signs of suicide, consider contacting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK, texting the Crisis Text Line at 741741 or seeking help from a professional.

  • Sheila Mcguire