Brock Osweiler to start at quarterback on Thursday: Berea report

While Osweiler won the spot for the first preseason game, the other quarterbacks on the roster don't see this announcement as the end of the competition but rather just another step in the process.

How can camp observers maintain a reliable read on the changing depth-chart dynamics when the coaches continually adjust their own expectations based on that week's practice results and preseason game film? "There are a lot of fine details that need to be cleaned up through meetings and more practice sessions". He led his team to two field goals, and Jackson said that performance factored into his decision to start him Thursday. He said he has "had maybe a throw here or a throw there" to starting wide receiver Corey Coleman.

So at this stage, Osweiler is getting the initial nod because he's the clear - but unofficial - No. 3 guy behind second-year quarterback Cody Kessler and second-rounder Kizer. Osweiler was with the second unit behind Kessler when training camp began.

For his part, Osweiler is playing it the right way and is hardly spiking the football, but the former Houston Texans starter has already come a long way by turning himself from afterthought to serious contender for the job. Kevin Hogan will also play.

"Brock knows how to play". "There needs to be a pecking order in order for the leadership to happen the way it needs to". I'll be back on Tuesday to see how he rebounds, but the Cody Kessler I watched Monday afternoon isn't even a roster-able National Football League talent.

Jackson has said the starting quarterback in the exhibition opener won't necessarily be the one who starts the September 10 season opener against Pittsburgh. We don't know how much Osweiler will play Thursday night.

Rumors quickly surfaced the Browns would either cut Osweiler or trade him. Jackson tried to stir up some hype earlier in the offseason by calling Osweiler "a pleasant surprise", but no one really bought it. The last full practice before facing the Saints is August 8.

"No gratification", he said. While he wasn't exactly a juggernaut favorite, he did get the first chance in the first position. We will. That work starts today.

" I was just with (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) for about 10 minutes, and we were simply just talking about two routes, two plays he has". The guy that goes out there has a chance because if you go play well and knell it and do great things, I will be looking for you to play the next week.

  • Jo Lloyd