Selfie Gone Wrong Destroys Art Worth $200K at Exhibit

It's both cringeworthy and mesmerizing. But a few weeks ago, one snap-happy show attendee caused as much as $200,000 in damage when she toppled, domino style, a series of plinths, Gloria Yu one of the artists involved told Hyperallergic.

Taking selfies with art is an entire photographic subgenre unto itself.

A recently released YouTube video of an expensive accident in an art gallery is a odd (but not uncommon) collision of the the expensive fragility of art objects and the (literally) clumsy narcissism of selfie culture - particularly that of the "art selfie". The temporary exhibition space is so Instagram-ready that the L.A. Times opened their headline with "Oh, the selfies you'll make at L.A.'s 14th Factory." back in May, when art writer Carolina Miranda covered the installation.

The 14th Factory is a monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience conceived by the Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch.

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The video shows the young woman crouch down in front of a row of the pedestals, possibly to take a selfie or pose for her companion who had a camera.

A guy named "Birch" exhibited these art pieces with help and collaboration of different artists from China, Hong Kong, the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Canada.

As she's preparing to shoot her selfie, the woman loses her balance and falls backwards, knocking over the pedestal in the corner. Go visit before it closes end of July (or before a few more pieces break). Keep in mind that art is generally worth what people will pay for it, but I guess that's true with many things.

  • Jack Mann