Pokemon GO Real-World Events

Given the disappointing nature of the Pokemon Go 1-year anniversary event (seriously, a $10 item in the shop and Pikachu wearing a hat?) I'm okay with treating this as the real treat to thank players for sticking around. Throughout the day players will be able to join in on three challenge window activities that will enable them to catch certain types of Pokemon. During each window, players at the event will need to catch as many Pokemon as possible to unlock in-game perks which will not only apply to them but to every player worldwide. For example, if they catch enough Fire-type Pokemon, everyone will get a Candy bonus. Grass-type Pokemon caught increase Stardust bonuses, and there will be more types to be captured as well. Doing so will extend the duration of the bonuses unlocked by those attending the event.

Pokemon Go had previously hosted several live events at Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers earlier this summer that were widely considered to be a flop.

The Pokemon Go creators have kept things under wraps regarding what the one-year update will bring, but there is plenty of talk of a potential legendary creatures update. It's a great opportunity to visit the historic castle.

Pokemon Go worldwide live event being held alongside Pokemon Go Fest, events in Europe and the UK also announced
Upcoming Pokemon GO Event To Issue Worldwide Challenge With “Major Global Reward”

The Chicago Event will kick off on Saturday, July 22nd in Grant Park located in the heart of downtown Chicago. These seven Pokemon Safari Zones will be located in Amstelveen, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Oberhausen, Paris, Prague, and Stockholm. The events will also allow players to team up and challenge unique Raid Bosses. It looks like these Safari Zone events will be much more of a draw for players. The schedule is posted below.

Niantic has not officially announced when they'd be dropping the ultra powerful Pokemon into the game, but with the company now testing Level 5 Raids and with a number of live events coming up this month, gamers are hoping to see Legendary Pokemon very soon.

  • Gina Adkins