United Nations refugee report warns South Sudan could be next Syria

The number of displaced people in the world has nearly doubled in 20 years, according to a report released today by the United Nations' refugee agency.

The report Global Trends, which as been released ahead of the World Refugee Day on June 20, marks a jump of 300,000 since the end of 2015.

Grandi also called for properly protecting and caring for the world's refugees, internally displaced and asylum-seekers - who now number 22.5 million, 40.3 million, and 2.8 million, respectively.

A report from the United Nations refugee agency found 65.6 million people were displaced from their homes past year.

"They [South Sudan's refugees] don't arrive on the shores of Europe, or Australia or at the border between Mexico and the U.S. Those are the places where refugees become visible and their voices are heard", Grandi said. As the organization pointed out, this equals one person being displaced every three seconds.

The conflict in Syria has produced the largest number of refugees at 5.5 million and displaced people overall at 12 million people. These people are classified as internally displaced people.

The UNHCR found that the number of forcibly displaced people has risen from 33.9 million in 1997 to 65.6 million in 2016. The total refugee population - people who fled their home countries - was about 22.5 million people, and almost half of those were children.

South Sudan had the world's fastest growing refugee population a year ago and could be the next Syria, warns a new report by the United Nations Refugee Agency.

The Syrian civil war contributes most to increasing refugees; 5.5 million Syrians are identified as refugees, the UNHCR said.

The impression that refugees mainly go to wealthy countries "is a complete myth", he said.

"Canada did extremely well past year by resettling many, mainly Syrian, refugees", Beuze said Tuesday, noting that refugees have seen "huge support" from local communityand faith-based organizations.

Tens of thousands have been killed and close to 1.8 million forced into exile since South Sudan's on-off conflict began in December 2013.

And almost 70 years after Palestinians first fled today's Israel, some 5.3 million Palestinians are now living as refugees - the highest level ever recorded, the UNHCR said.

Mr Gabriel Idoko, Head UNHCR in the state, made the appeal at the commemoration of the 2017 World Refugee Day in Damaturu. The country receiving the greatest number of requests for asylum for these children was Germany: 35,900.

After Syria, Colombia was the second largest source of people forcibly displaced.

BENTIU, South Sudan (AP) - South Sudan has the world's fastest growing displaced population and more needs to be done to help them, says the director of the United Nations refugee agency.

Australia is also providing almost $1 million in food and supplies to help more than 320,000 people displaced by conflict in Marawi City in the southern Philippines.

"Many returnees are in urgent need of assistance with resettlement and reintegration", Ms Bishop said. "It was followed by Pakistan (1.4 million), Lebanon (1.0 million), the Islamic Republic of Iran (979,400), Uganda (940,800), and Ethiopia (791,600)", the report said.

Programmes aimed at returning refugees to their home countries worked better than in previous years, with 552,200 refugees taking up such offers last year.

  • Jo Lloyd