Uber Reportedly Fires Executive Who Obtained Indian Rape Victim's Medical Records

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick advised his staff on rules for having sex with fellow employees at company outing in 2013, Recode reported Thursday.

Eric Alexander, the president of business in the Asia Pacific, was sacked on Tuesday, just as the company announced that it had fired 20 employees over the last few months for harassment, discrimination and inappropriate behaviour. It also said Alexander was sacked after the report was published.

According to Recode, Alexander's case had been among the 215 claims investigated by the law firms Perkins Coie and Covington & Burling, but Alexander had not been among the more than 20 employees fired Tuesday. Besides, there are over 200 cases lawyers are dealing with for Uber that range from misconduct, sexism and sexual harassment.

"Alexander carried around the document for about a year before other executives - presumably the legal department - obtained the report and destroyed his copy, according to the sources", the report read. "She had filed a lawsuit against the company, saying that Uber's "hollow" safety and driver screening practices was the cause for her unsafe situation".

Company officials publicly decried the attack.

The driver, who had a history of sexual assault and rape and had four other cases pending against him, was found guilty by a Delhi court and sentenced to prison for life.

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However, it began operating in the capital later again. This is highly unusual since they were records related to a criminal investigation.

In light of the information we now have, it is clear that Uber had trouble believing the authenticity of the woman's complaint.

Uber, which is now competing heavily with homegrown ride-sharing app Ola, in a bid to achieve market dominance, recently said it recorded double-digit growth in the country.

Earlier this week, Uber fired one of its senior executives, named Eric Alexander, for violating the privacy of the passenger who was raped by an Uber driver in India back in 2014. Uber later rolled out new safety features in India and across the globe following the incident. Uber had also just closed a $1.4 billion round of financing, and was in the middle of talking to other companies about more financing.

Alexander reportedly obtained the victim's medical records while in India and shared them with CEO Travis Kalanick and V.P. of Business Emil Michael.

The ongoing investigations in Uber, undertaken because of allegations of sexual abuse and mismanagement in what is world's biggest start-up, about 20 employees have been fired while at least 100 others are being now investigated.

  • Jack Mann