Ken gets makeover: Cornrows, beefy bod and new skin tones

The company behind Barbie announced their most diverse line of Ken dolls yet.

Seven of the 15 new Ken dolls were unveiled exclusively on "Good Morning America" Tuesday.

All photos courtesy of Mattel. "Slim" Ken will be smaller in the same areas.

Barbie's boyfriend is getting a makeover.

Barbie's companion Ken has undergone a wide-ranging makeover with the United Kingdom launch of varying body sizes, skin tones and hairstyles including a man bun and corn rows. While Barbie - who underwent her own makeover past year - only got some fashion updates, Ken underwent some some major changes.

Ken was invented in 1961 as Barbie's buff, blue-eyed friend and has undergone many iterations including the first African-American Ken in 1981 and Earring Magic Ken in 1993, which became a big seller among gay men.

There's also a slew of new body shapes, including "slim", "broad" and "original", and the labels were carefully considered before they were chosen.

Does man bun Ken doll also come with a Soul Cycle membership, vintage record player, and $50,000 in student loan debt?

Mattel is trying to fight falling sales of its iconic doll line at a time when many kids would rather play with an iPad. Barbie was revamped a year ago and was recreated in taller, shorter and curvier versions.

Mattel gave Ken a makeover.

New Ken dolls are now on the market. "We want to do beards", said Robert Best, senior director of Barbie Design. Mattel has been tinkering with other lines to be more inclusive, such as adding its first boy doll for the American Girl brand.

  • Sheila Mcguire