Resident Evil movie reboot in the works

The sixth in the franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hit theaters just a handful of months ago.

While doing their thing at the Cannes film festival Variety spoke with Martin Moszkowicz who is the head of the production company, Constantin Film, that has produced all of the past "Resident Evil" movies.

Details are scarce at present, and it's unclear whether Constantin has any talent attached to the project. The announcement comes no even a week after Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was released on Blu-Ray, which makes clear how eager the studio is to keep the brand alive.

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Capcom is a widely loved game developer and this is mostly because of the Resident Evil Series. Milla Jovovich starred in all six films, and overall they have earned $1.2 billion to date, making it an extremely successful franchise - no wonder they want to give it another run. Internationally, however, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter grossed an impressive $285.4 million, with $160 million of that coming from China. While the Resident Evil franchise was inspired by the games and brought characters from them to the big screen, it differed greatly from the stories in them, which frustrated many fans. It was released in January and grossed $312 million globally.

What do you hope to see from the Resident Evil reboot?

Anderson's involvement in the reboot is now in question, as he is now busy with a big screen adaptation of Monster Hunter, another successful video game franchise of Capcom, set to be released in late 2017 or early 2018. For quite some time the Resident Evil games started to feel like they were tip toeing closer and closer to the action genre rather than being a true thriller that focuses on scares before action.

  • Geraldine Cohen