National Football League moves to bring back choreography, snow angels after touchdowns

National Football League owners voted on multiple changes on Tuesday, including the reduction of regular-season overtime from 15 minutes to 10. Result should be more fun, fewer flags.

Now this will not free players up to celebrate in ways that the league will deem "offensive" or that delay the game, but this is as close to a purely positive rule change as I can imagine. However, many fans of the National Football League were opposed to many of his rule changes because he took away most of the physical contact on the defensive side of the ball and had slowed the game down with more unnecessary roughness penalties. That includes Brandin Cooks's archer celebration, but that's no skin off my back. "For the most part". This eliminates teams having to choose who to bring back and gives them more flexibility as late-season games and postseason factors come into play. That will allow for longer review on players through the entirety of a team's four preseason games.

Some fans and media had criticized the previous, stricter rules, calling the NFL the "No Fun League" for giving 15 yard penalties and even fines in the thousands of dollars to players whose celebrations violated rules, CBS News reported.

This rule had been put in place "to prevent things from escalating" according to NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Bladino.

While the big headliners are the shortened overtime and expanded celebrations, there were a couple of changes to the construction of rosters that will be impactful next season, as well.

But after that final preseason game, the stress level of Minnesota's coaches and front office personnel should be very high as they attempt to trim their roster from 90 to 53.

SAINTS: Two players of the 2009 Super Bowl championship squad, linebacker Jonathan Vilma and guard Carl Nicks, will be the next inductees into the team's Hall of Fame. A few years ago, the National Football League began allowing teams to place on player on an IR-Designated To Return list, allowing the designated player to return to the active 53 man roster after a minimum of 8 weeks.

The NFL will now allow two players per season to return from injured reserve instead of one, but both players are still required to sit out six weeks before returning to practice and eight weeks before returning to games once placed on injured reserve. Katherine Terrell of ESPN wrote about Lewis's disagreement with the new rule and quoted him throughout the story. That has been done away with; now, teams can carry 90 players on their roster for the entire preseason before one massive cutdown day prior to opening week.

  • Jo Lloyd