Nab 'Tech Series' Xbox Controllers Ahead of Project Scorpio

Microsoft is introducing a new tech series of Xbox One controllers.

The controller series is apparently inspired by "military technology and performance patterns", as well as concepts "stemming from combat armour and sci-fi mechanical gear".

As if Microsoft didn't make enough cool-looking controllers for the Xbox One already - including the ability to design your own - it's got a new line that's set to become the "elite" peripheral for the console.

This controller goes for $70 and starts shipping worldwide on April 25. A year ago also saw the launch of color-customizable Design Lab controllers for the Xbox One, which players can build online via a web interface and order for shipment. Recon Tech Special Edition features a sleek, dark gray military design, rubberized diamond grip, and Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

It featured a laser etched texture along with gold accents and insignia on the front of the controller.

Microsoft already offers lots of different Xbox One controllers, while the $80 Design Lab controllers allow you to customize the pad's colors and more to your liking. Custom button mapping is also available through the Xbox Accessories App.

Whether or not the Tech controller series will be quite as good quality as the Pro controllers remains to be seen.

  • Geraldine Cohen