Labrador Retriever Leads The Pack As Most Popular For 26Th Year

The Labrador Retriever kept its title as top dog in the country, snagging the highest ranking in the American Kennel Club's latest list of most popular dog breeds.

The Rottweiler's No. 8 ranking was its highest in nearly 20 years. Renowned for their loyalty, confidence and protective instincts, Rotties were America's second-most-popular dog in 1997 but faded to 17th within a decade, as some small breeds surged for a time.

The Labrador retriever is America's best best friend, according to the American Kennel Club.

Viesto and her 4-year-old yellow lab, Reggie, attended the news conference alongside a roomful of stretching, scratching and wrestling dogs and puppies representing the top ten breeds. "You never hear about a lab getting into a dog fight".

Labradors once again beat out German shepherds in the AKC rankings, which were rounded out by golden retrievers, bulldogs and beagles for the top five slots. Pictured: A boxer competes in the Westminster Dog Show on February 11, 2014, in Manhattan. Bernese Mountain Dogs moved up one spot to number six, and Rottweilers dropped from 6 to 11. Also in the top 10 are Great Danes and Siberian Huskies.

The Rottweiler, came in fifth on the AKC's list of the most popular dog breeds on Long Island in 2016 - three spots ahead of its No. 8 ranking nationwide.

  • Sheila Mcguire