Victim of shark attack expected to survive, hospital says

Still, he noted that shark attacks remain rare events.

The Orange County Register reports Korcsmaros had teeth marks from her upper-right shoulder on her back to her pelvis in her front, and also on her buttocks.

The shark attack occurred during the Memorial Day weekend, which signals the unofficial start of summer vacation season in the United States.

Officials say she was training for a half-Ironman competition when she was attacked off Corona del Mar State Beach at 4:15 p.m. Sunday. "She's remarkably calm" Korcsmaros, a physical fitness trainer and triathlete, has three children, ares 16, 22 and 24.

More details of the attack and the woman's condition were expected to be released at a press conference Tuesday morning, the Orange County Register reported ( ).

In Southern California, an attack on a 52-year-old woman shut down popular beaches, according to the Associated Press.

She was gushing blood when rescued by lifeguards 100 yards offshore, and doctors are not sure whether she will ever regain full use of her arm.

Though hard to draw a definitive conclusion, he said a large single bite suggests the shark is over 10 feet long.

Lifeguards and officials in the city of Newport Beach were meeting Tuesday to decide whether to reopen the beach.

The ban on entering the water stretched for several miles from the Balboa Pier to the city limits at Crystal Cove State Beach.

They saw the last part of the attack and knew she didn't get hit by a boat or watercraft, said Rob Williams, chief lifeguard of the Newport Beach Fire Department's Marine Operations Division. No sharks have been spotted in the area as of early this afternoon.

Burgess has previously said that the rising population of humans and increased beach activities are the main driver of shark attacks, but notes that the odds of a fatal shark attacks are so low that a beach goers face a higher risk of being killed "by sand collapsing as the result of over achieving sand castle builders". The magazine did quote shark biologist Frank Schwartz of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill who "says there's too much natural variability in weather cycles to blame the recent shark attacks on global warming".

The incident Sunday came hours after a 13-year-old boy was badly hurt after a shark attack in Florida.

  • Jo Lloyd