US election 2016: California primary results

The drawn-out contest for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has driven an uptick in voter registrations. Sanders himself still in San Francisco today for a private event says he's still in the game and is now waiting for the Democratic National Convention to hear who officially comes out on top. He will be looking to these six states to help him do that. Republican Waylon Brown, also unopposed, had 129 votes in Howard and 1,683 in the district.

Clinton's campaign was not pleased either. That record is held by Barack Obama, who received 69.4 million votes in the 2008 general election.

Had Sanders dropped out prior to the California primary, down-ballot races likely would not look as favorable for Democrats.

The AP's Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll bristled at the accusations, saying that their survey of superdelegates was "painstaking" and only counted firm commitments. One might argue that news reports that Hillary Clinton had already won the race, broadcast on the eve of the election, reduced participation.

"A voter who changed political parties should fill out and cast the ballot that reflects their new party registration", Registrar of Voters Rebecca Spencer said.

"Three million people in the state of NY who are independents have lost their right to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary", he said last month. "Which is true: "Trump does indeed have less than (" ") the most votes for president in the history of the country. And finally, the last map has the results of every state contest in this oh-so-long 2016 primary season.

Just fewer than 6 million ballots had been counted by Wednesday afternoon.

That level of turnout for a presidential primary is about midway between the state's highest of 57.7 percent for the 2008 presidential primary and the state's lowest of 31.1 percent for the state's 2012 presidential primary. Yet she could lose among Election Day voters, or even lose overall, and it would not matter: she will be the party's nominee. He had a lot of young supporters, and they tend to vote less often and are less familiar with the rules.

"We don't know how many ballots were postmarked on or before election day that are in the process of arriving, still in the window to be processed and counted and added to the tally", Padilla said. The secretary of state's office declined to provide a turnout projection.

But there is a historical precedent, including in California, for Romero's concerns. But she said a steady flow of voters at the polls seemed to indicate the call had little, if any, effect on the race by midday. By some estimates, California turnout was driven down two percent by the news.

  • Hannah Rogers