'Star Wars: Episode 8' rumors, updates: Filming nears its ends

Star Wars: Episode VIII isn't scheduled for release until next year, but it's already been filming for several months.

Great news for "Star Wars: Episode VIII" fans - the upcoming episodic installment of the storied franchise is nearly done with principal photography, director Rian has revealed in a new update. However, Rian Johnson has released a new behind the scenes photo! Now, that's not to say or imply that a set of empty robes means there's a Jedi death in Episode VIII, or that Luke Skywalker goes into the Force in this film. Johnson certainly seemed to indicate as much in his caption, which reads, "In the home stretch".

But we're getting a good look at his robe.

But who else could be wearing a Jedi robe in Star Wars 8? The major cast from The Force Awakens will also be returning.

Aside from the robe and a few filmmaking items, the other main feature of the photograph is the cave (or perhaps rocky cliff-face) seen in the background. Earlier this year, actress Carrie Fisher revealed that the working production title for the film was Space Bear. For now, Star Wars fans could anticipate the arrival of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" first while waiting for the main movie.

It is speculated that the film will pick up on the storyline where "The Force Awakens" ended.

There was no Luke Skywalker though in the Tumblr post.

If the reports are in fact true, and Han's funeral is the spark of a political summit of sorts, then I can immagine the First Order wanting to take advantage of all the high ranking officials in one place, and attempt another assassination attempt on the remaining senators.

The yet to be titled "Star Wars: Episode VIII" will blast through cinemas on December 15, 2017.

  • Sheila Mcguire