Seine water levels decrease again after Paris flooding peaks

The Seine crested at 6.1 meters (20 feet) above its usual levels early Saturday morning, the environment ministry reported, and is slowly receding, now at around 6.09 meters.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister, "The river Seine is increasing due to the heavy rain that fell south of Paris".

"It will take at least a week for the Seine to return to its normal level", said Bruno Jamet, a hydrologist at Vigicrues, a state body that monitors flood levels.

No damages estimates have been made yet for flooding in France.

Museums in Paris are still closed down after record flooding in France had the Seine River at its highest level in nearly 35 years.

The glass-topped Grand Palais, built for the 1900 World's Fair and now hosting an exhibit by avant-garde Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping among several others, opened again Sunday after closing Friday because of flood risks.

The Louvre and Orsay museums, which sit on opposite banks of the Seine, remained closed Saturday, a day after shutting their doors in a race to move art treasures out of basements to higher ground as a precautionary measure.

A spokeswoman said airline passengers may experience delays and they are urged to contact their carriers for more information.

"It's just water", said Nicolas Hainsohn, a houseboat resident, told The Associated Press.

With leading Paris museums closed, the surging currents were a tourist attraction in themselves.

The downpours have added to the gloom in France, where public morale has been hit by months of protests and strikes over a labor reform bill, which were still gripping the country less than a week before it begins hosting the Euro 2016 football championships.

Close to a week of heavy rain has caused serious flooding across much of central and northern France, as well as part of Germany, Romania and Belgium, leaving at least 17 people dead and others missing.



  • Jack Mann