PlayStation 4.5 release date happening this year

However, support for native 4K games is only going to matter if gamers do not have access to 4K displays which is the status now. But does the fact that there's a more powerful PS4 coming change plans for the PlayStation 5? To begin with, Pachter praised Microsoft's decision to announce Project Scorpio a year and a half before the actual release (planned for Holiday 2017). The PlayStation Neo will hit the scene later this year, but it will not shorten the PS4's life span. It will come as an alternative, not a replacement. If it was, that meant it was already in fabrication and we'd actually know about it; I think they're just going to launch PlayStation VR in October and then the Neo sometime in April-June, probably ahead of the Holiday. Sony however has deliberately held off from revealing more information about the upcoming console but that has not stopped industry analysts from speculating about its features, release date and specifications. The Xbox One S really does look great and obviously the big reveal of Scorpio at the end was a big deal.

It's interesting indeed, and we're looking forward to seeing the future of console gaming as Microsoft and Sony unleash their latest hardware. It's not like you are not going to spend a lot on this, but it's at least not a huge amount of money you are set to invest all of a sudden. This works especially for Xbox One, since it has had for a long while an operative system which is bad, very bad, and now remains a mess where Phil Spencer and his team are trying to do it any better by releasing patches after patches.

Both consoles are leading in sales of the current generation, but Sony has a massive lead over Microsoft.

Although Sony has confirmed that it's working on a new more powerfull version of the PS4, the console wasn't shown at E3.

  • Gina Adkins