Orlando nightclub shooting survivor Patience Carter, an NYU student, describes her ordeal

A gunman killed dozens of people in a massacre at a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, making it the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

That woman let Carter be her plus-one, so they could save on the cover charge.

Best friends who were at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando are telling their story from the hospital.

He kept shooting. Carter said he shot people in front of her, including one person who shielded her from additional gunshots. Maybe, she thought, it was something the DJ was playing to get people to leave. She also said she laid in the bathroom bleeding for "hours and hours" and was pinned beneath another victim who died whose name she does not know and who blocked her from a spray of bullets.

Carter, Parker, and Murray, were all shot in the bathroom.

Casiano said that Mateen used his handgun to shoot over the bathroom stalls into where people were hiding and pleading with him to let them go.

Carter's friend Tiara Parker was injured during the mass shooting but survived, her other friend Akyra Murray (who just graduated from a Philly high school) was killed.

"The whole night was scary", she said.

"We were just having a great time". He said about 15 people huddled together in a large stall for the handicapped when the gunman came in.

Three quick shots to his leg and the instinct to run propelled him forward, then face-down on the floor.

"That's when we started hearing the gunshots", she added.

Asked what she would say to any nursing students, Warren replied: "Have compassion".

Thankfully, Carter was close enough to the door where she and her friend could get out, but chose to go back inside for the third girl they came with. When a man next to Patience said that there were six or seven of them Omar said he "didn't have a problem with Black people".

'This was very real and this was something that was happening to us right now. "This isn't the reason why he's doing this, but through the conversation with 911, he said the reason why he's doing this is because he wanted America to stop bombing his country".

The shooting at Pulse is the deadliest in USA history.

"I was begging God to please take me.to take the soul out of my body, because I didn't want to feel any more pain", she said. Colon stayed on the ground, unable to move, next to dozens of other victims while Mateen went into the bathroom, where he stayed for about three hours until a SWAT team charged in and killed Mateen in a shootout.

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