Muhammad Ali's Daughter Laila Ali: He's 'Not Suffering Anymore'

"This is the quality I'm reminded of when I look at the iconic photo I've had hanging on my wall of the young fighter standing over Sonny Liston". It was 1964 and it was a cold wet February in Ballymena.

The 38-year-old said the atmosphere inside the hospital was "a very peaceful time and we sent him off in a very peaceful way". Everything I got, I got through him.

Roy Jones Jr., a former champion boxer who grew up during Ali's prime, also said in a Tweet: "My heart is deeply saddened yet both appreciative and relieved that the greatest is now resting in the greatest place".

"He was one of the most memorable people I've met". None can compare with Ali's charisma.

"It became apparent God wanted him and we all became reconciled to it".

Madonna joined the tributes by sharing a photograph of herself with Ali. This Human! Words can not express. "And he's definitely going to live on through him". We are losing all of our National Treasures. He meant a great deal to me. "I've been feeling the love since before my father passed away".

"I was excited because it was a man I'd seen on TV", Lewis told Sky Sports News HQ. IT bugged me out. We will always remember his contribution to boxing...

Ali, who was born as Cassius Clay, has been described as boxing's greatest and a social justice campaigner.

On Saturday, Michael J. Fox wrote on Twitter: "Ali, the G-O-A-T". A giant, an inspiration, a man of peace, a warrior for the cure. "He will be missed".

In another picture she posted to Instagram, it shows him giving her a gentle kiss when she was a child. Ali, a hero to some, was a traitor to others. You shook up the world.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Louisville, Kentucky - Ali's hometown on the Ohio River - was a world of divisions: segregated schools, churches, public spaces.

The city of Louisville will say goodbye formally to their beloved champion Muhammad Ali on Friday.

World-class boxer and civil rights activist Muhammad Ali died late Friday evening at the age 74.

"Muhammad's extraordinary boxing career only encompassed half of his life".

The Muhammad Ali Center says they will be open all week to allow mourners to pay their respects to The Champ.

Former US president Bill Clinton and comedian Billy Crystal are among those expected to speak about Ali.

"Ali's talent was undeniable - he was an Olympic Gold Medalist, three-time lineal world heavyweight champion, and the only one to accomplish that to this day, and reached the pinnacle of our sport as the undisputed heavyweight champion in 1964".

  • Sheila Mcguire