Microsoft is now offering a Surface Membership plan for its Surface devices

Design On the design front, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will inherit the same qualities and appearance as its previous counterpart. However, the latest rumors about the Surface Pro 5 have pointed toward the device only arriving later in the year, around September, and having new processors from Intel onboard.

Mobi Picker has claimed that the 4K Ultra HD resolution will be only available on certain variants of Surface Pro 5. If the stylus is going to be the only change then people may not find it worth it to upgrade. The monthly costs vary, depending on the model and whether you stretch out the payments over 18, 24 or 30 months, but the cheapest is a basic Surface Pro 3 for $33 per month over 30 months. Microsoft has your back, though we're not about automobiles here, but 2-in-1 devices such as select Surface Pro models and the Surface Book. There are speculations that the forthcoming Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel's Kaby Lake processors that are faster than Skylake processors. It appears that Microsoft has some big plans in the coming months and it includes the release of its upcoming tablet successor to the Surface Pro lineup, one of the biggest events this year for the tech industry.

The hybrid tablet "Surface Pro 4" of Microsoft was released October 2015. The next-gen Surface Pro device is most likely get a more powerful battery than its predecessor. According to Yibada, the Surface Pro 5 was first believed to launch in June 2016 after the official release of the Kaby Lake processors at the 2016 Computex.

It seems that Microsoft things it is better to start the New Year with the latest that Intel can offer. As of this writing, we don't have correct information about the availability and price of Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft has kicked off a new offering on its online store, with plans being made available to businesses who wish to purchase Surface devices - and perhaps a consumer offering will follow.

  • Geraldine Cohen