'Homeland' season 6 to feature female president-elect

Speaking at an event in NY on Tuesday night about the Showtime series, star Clare Danes revealed Homeland will have a female president-elect.

When "Homeland" returns for its sixth season, there will be a new Commander in Chief in the Oval Office - and she'll be a woman.

Fans of Homeland will have a longer wait than usual for season six, however, as it has been pushed out of its usual October premiere to January 2017.

The actress described the TV president as a politician who "challenges the norms (and) is a little scary for that reason".

Danes, who plays the lead character of Carrrie Matheson in the series, said that the female POTUS will not be the show's representation of Hilary Clinton.

In May, Showtime revealed that the political drama/thriller will be taking on the presidential election in its new season. We know the show is returning to the States as its main location for the first time since Season 3, as the past two seasons have revolved around Claire Danes' CIA agent Carrie Mathison operating overseas in South Africa and Berlin, using both locations as the show's primary filming locations as well.

"The whole season takes place between Election Day in November and the inauguration of a new president in January, during this odd and interregnum where a very fragile transfer of power takes place between the outgoing president and the incoming president-elect", he told Entertainment Weekly. Instead, it will revolve more on the aftermath of the election rather than the election itself, Gansa added. The new series will be shot nearly exclusively in NY after spending much of season five in Berlin.

It could be a matter of art imitating life when the next season of Homeland arrives.

  • Geraldine Cohen