F1 Results - Lewis Hamilton wins Canadian GP

But, after dedicating his triumph and the manner in which he achieved it to the late Muhammad Ali, he played down talk of regaining the momentum ahead of this week's inaugural trip to Azerbaijan for the European Grand Prix on Baku's new and fast street circuit.

On lap 26 of the 70 lap race Vettel was within 5.8 seconds as Hamilton ducked into the pits for his one and only stop of the day. "That was for Muhammad Ali".

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee", he radioed to his crew on Sunday after winning the Canadian Grand Prix for the fifth time, and the second in a row.

Vettel surged into the lead after starting third on the grid in Montreal, but a rushed pitstop under the virtual safety auto allowed Lewis Hamilton to move back in front and Mercedes pulled off a one-stop strategy to perfection.

"Well we have invented rules to make the starts more unpredictable and we had a couple of really great ones in the last races", he said. "If I was to put money down", Hamilton said of closing the points gap so quickly.

"I am going to continue to push the vehicle for as long as it stays together, but the way it is going, I don't see that strength diminishing".

"After that it was just about trying to hunt down Sebastian [Vettel]. Today was not a clean race from both of us".

Arrivabene added: "I was really up to the sky when I saw the start of Seb". "On our side of the garage we are starting to show real strength and coming through with the results, which is warming and confidence-building for everyone here", he said. "I was (angry) at the time but that's racing".

"[Then] I stopped, did the normal procedure, let the clutch out and it just didn't go anywhere".

"I was just so in the groove". "But the race was not a fluke, it was a great strong race".

"I didn't manage to get past him and I tried everything". I had to try the move or accept I'd be behind him. In Barcelona it worked but this time it didn't.

"The last ten laps I really enjoyed, I would actually say they were the hardest ten laps of my life", said Verstappen afterwards.

"I lost a lot of places going down the escape road and that cost me a shot at the race".

The new rules introduced this year, restricting the assistance drivers can receive from both the pit wall and in the auto, have made this sort of disparity possible again.

There were echoes here of the first race of the season in Australia, when Vettel was again leading unexpectedly after a stunning start, and Ferrari again chose to surrender it.

"When you sniff the victory that is near you, you get a bit nervous or disappointed straight after the race, as I was".

"So, fifth place in the end is a big disappointment because our vehicle was awesome and good enough for the win". ESPN quotes Mercedes motorsport boss Wolff as having said.

"The team told us what the tyres could do, how far they would go", Hamilton explained.

"We have to do more and more and more and we need to continue like this and be positive".

Nico Rosberg had another disappointing race finishing in fifth following a bad start, and he also came in contact with Hamilton at the first corner. Lewis said that he had understeer, that's what I would say. I thought Monaco might have been a one-off; a fluke kind of thing. "Very very quick. I had the speed whenever I needed it, which is such a great feeling to have in the auto". In the constructor's standings, Mercedes with 223 points leads Ferrari (147 points). "I am not going to blame anybody, we took the strategy decision as a team.hindsight is always easy".

Rosberg blamed his non-podium finish on that impromptu visit to pit lane.

It was the sort of start that helped form the legend of one of Ferrari's biggest heroes, Gilles Villeneuve, back in the late 1970s and early '80s - on a completely different scale than every other auto on the grid. "We are going to investigate why. It was very much about managing tires today and the team were spot on with the strategy call".

Sadly, Nico's bad luck didn't end there, a puncture threatened the Mercedes one stop strategy and forced him to pit.

"While this may not necessarily have affected his performance, it would have been quite a big distraction to manage".

"Sometimes you make it round the outside and sometimes you don't, and for him it didn't work out".

  • Jo Lloyd