Donald Trump Thanks America For Poll Showing Him Losing To Hillary Clinton

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump tweeted a poll graphic Friday showing him trailing Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, 49% to 51%.

"THANK YOU #AmericaFirst" Trump tweeted.

And Donald Trump? Here's where it gets complicated.

Trump repeated his call for a temporary ban on the entry of Muslims into the United States after a US -born Muslim, the son of Afghan immigrants, fatally shot 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando early on Sunday.

By Wednesday, he abandoned the innuendo and embraced a more pointed accusation against Obama.

The message included a link to a story by Breitbart News, a Trump-friendly website, that claimed to have proof the Obama administration backed a terror group in Iraq. Trump has likened Syrian refugees to a "Trojan horse" and said the US should not accept any. He cast Trump as a "peddler of lies, fantasies and half-baked conspiracy theories". His claims proved to be false. Both candidates, however, must battle large unfavorable opinions in the county with 46 percent of respondents having an unfavorable opinion of Trump and 54 percent having an unfavorable opinion of Clinton.

"It is no secret that Secretary Clinton and I have strong disagreements on some very important issues. So you tell me who's better for the gay community or for women than Donald Trump". And then on the issues, on our own rights, Donald Trump has said that he would put judges on the Supreme Court that would reverse marriage equality, that he would rescind President Obama's executive orders.

Clinton, who will face Trump in the November election, quickly challenged Republicans to either "stand up to their presumptive nominee" or "stand by his accusation about our president". Not only has she always been more hawkish on national security than most in her party, after all this time even her most implacable enemies would grant that she's a pretty tough lady.

The poll was conducted from June 8-12, nearly entirely before news of the Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49 people, and Trump's renewed call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country.



  • Jack Mann