California Primary Election Results and Turnout by County

Shocking to most of the Americans who were watching the polls Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, the California Elections Code requires that the official canvass (that will include all valid vote-by-mail ballots) must begin no later than the Thursday following the election.

The presidential primaries don't wrap up until next week, when the District of Columbia votes.

It's a pattern nearly guaranteed to arouse classist resentments, and that has been the essence of both the Trump and Sanders campaigns, as different as they are in many other ways.

Clinton prevailed at the polls Tuesday without campaigning directly in New Mexico.

The AP's Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll bristled at the accusations, saying that their survey of superdelegates was "painstaking" and only counted firm commitments. In addition, about 4 in 10 say they have only some confidence in each party's nomination process. Registrar of Voters Rebecca Spencer said approximately 171,337 voters already have cast ballots for the election.

Padilla said the impact on turnout of the AP report was hard to quantify. However, this may not be an indication of how voters will respond to statewide measures in November.

And while many across the country may have been focused exclusively on the presidential primaries, dozens of political races throughout California were too close to call-making these uncounted ballots all the more important. The Golden State also saw a record number of voter registrations ahead of the primary.

35 percent of Democrats said the Democratic primaries should only be open to Democrats. That would mean turnout by 32 percent of California's 24.6 million adults who are eligible to participate. "They only had one or two pads of Republican ballots, and they just got lost in the shuffle". Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say open primaries are the most fair, 73 percent to 62 percent.

"There is a psychology behind all of this", she said.

Jean Camille Bianic, a third precinct worker I reached by phone, attempted to figure things out both with the county and with the Sanders campaign. He had a lot of young supporters, and they tend to vote less often and are less familiar with the rules. Now the next step is to turn out and vote!

Early on in the race for San Diego mayor, incumbent Republican Kevin Faulconer appeared headed for a win with no challengers.

But there is a historical precedent, including in California, for Romero's concerns.



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