Battlefield 1 E3 Trailer Released

During the announcement, it was also revealed that an open beta will be coming this summer, to give players a taste of Battlefield 1.

Finally, probably the most interesting part of Battlefield 1 is the addition of Behemoths, the largest fully player-controlled vehicles ever seen in Battlefield.

Publisher EA said they were approached by DICE, the developer of the game with a "mind-boggling pitch".

Then you have the historical fact that women played a huge role in World War 1, even serving as combatants in nations like Russian Federation.

Battlefield 1 is primed to shake up the online shooter genre with a surprisingly vibrant and colorful look at the First World War.

Watch the Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer from EA PLAY here, and discover more on the Dawn of All-Out War at

In case you don't know already Battlefield 1 is the fourteenth instalment in the Battlefield franchise, though surprisingly it's the first main entry in its series since Battlefield 4 back in 2013.

There is even intuitive destruction in which gamers will be able to destroy the environment they are in, like making a path through walls and so on, thus giving players new strategies to work with. Likewise, changing dynamic weather patterns will force you to adapt tactically and adjust to conditions like fog and rain, which can affect your hearing and visibility. Even the number of different explosives has been cut, so combat will be based more on accuracy than splash damage.

Battlefield 1 will arrive on PC on 21 October. Once the main event wrapped up, however, that doesn't mean the day was over for Battlefield 1. The reveal trailer for the game, set in outer space, quickly became the most downvoted video on YouTube.

The trailer also shows the destruction included in the game with a house made of wood being totally blown up.

  • Geraldine Cohen