Alligator found with dead human body in its mouth

Police in Florida are investigating after people spotted an alligator with a human body in its mouth Tuesday afternoon.

The alligator released the body from its mouth, but managed to escape back into Lake Hunter.

The body did not appear to be killed freshly, said Lakeland police Sgt. Gary Gross.

Police were able to recover the remains, but said they were unable to identify whether the victim was a man or a woman or determine their race.

The man said he was sure the person wasn't alive because of the odor and that the alligator was right on the edge of the lake. In total, six officers separately searched the lake without any indication of a person in the water.

Police say the alligator swam off and circled the area after police arrived.

They also called a trapper to retrieve the alligator from the lake.

Trappers with Florida Fish and Wildlife stunned and dragged the animal out of Lake Hunter and onto their boat.

This is the second time, alligators have been found with a human body in recent weeks.

As of Tuesday, police said they had no additional leads. "We don't know at this point in time".

But police said that they checked the area and found nothing.

There have been 337 alligator attacks, including 17 fatal ones, in Florida since 1948 - the highest figure in the country, according to the database StateMaster.



  • Hannah Rogers